Zero Gravity Base

The Original Zero Gravity Base.

Welcome to comfort! This Zero Gravity Base is great for the people that just want to get comfortable without all those “darn buttons”. Specifically, those of us that aren’t so technologically inclined.  We just want to get our head and our feet up while we watch the big game or binge watch our favorite show.  Don’t worry, we still want to give you a few pointers on how this works.

This is easy guys and gals! You just have to plug the base in, put in the batteries, and poof…modern technology is at your finger tips. Grab that remote and get comfortable! See that button that looks like head is getting raised? Push it! Did your head raise? If the answer is yes (which it should be) Then GREAT! You figured out how to lift your head up. Now go to the right side of the remote and repeat the steps, but for the part that looks like your feet are getting raised. Voila!

Say you love that position and want to remember that? We still got ya covered. Press and hold the flat button first, then
press and hold memory button for 5
seconds until the button lights are flashing.
The position is then saved.

Time to flatten out your bed. Well, just push the “FLAT” button and you are back to where you started. You are cruising along, butterfly!

So you wanna look for your phone in the room or your Grandma can’t find Mr. Wiggles (her cat) and the lights are out. We got ya covered. There is a built in flash light on the remote of your Zero Gravity Base.

You are now ready for some awesome sleep!

You can thank us tomorrow!