Supreme Zero Gravity Base

The Ultimate in Relaxation.

The Next Dimension of Comfort.

The Supreme Zero Gravity Base.


The Supreme Zero Gravity Base is the absolute pinnacle of Mount Comfort! The Zen of Sleep! You have made it to total positional control! Let’s jump right in on how awesome of a selection you made.

So here a Zero Gravity, we keep rewarding you as you invest in your sleep. So you will find some of your favorite features on the Supreme Zero Gravity base as the Deluxe, BUT we take it up a notch! This Base goes to 11 (This Is Spinal Tap reference)!

You now get the LUMBAR and HEADREST adjustment capabilities. What are those you ask? Well, just trying to one up ourselves for ya. We are busting out all the greatness here for you. So the TILT (aka HEADREST) feature offers additional tilt to provide both head and neck support without the need for extra pillows.  SWEET!!!! Now the LUMBAR feature allows you to fine tune that delicate lower back area. We got your back like the chiropractor!

Add these Two Amazing features to your 2 Memory , ZG (Zero Gravity) , TV Preset, and ANTI-SNORE one button positional settings and You are now in the Next Dimension of Comfort! Thank you for treating yourself to the best!