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Why a Zero?

We at Zero Gravity Adjustable Bases are committed to Comfort! We have found the benefits first hand how adjustable bases have helped us sleep better. Therefore, we strive to have the best adjustable base options to complete your sleep system. Here are just a few of the many reasons we feel that a Zero Gravity Adjustable Base can benefit YOU:

Relief from pain – Users of adjustable beds consistently report relief from pain resulting from back problems, arthritis, neck problems, frozen shoulder, and cramping. People with spinal stenosis, osteoarthritis, and degenerative spondylolisthesis have found adjustable beds particularly beneficial. In addition, adjustable beds are also known to relieve people from insomnia, breathing/sinus/allergy problems , snoring, swollen legs, asthma, heartburn/reflux, heart/circulation problems, and restless leg syndrome (RLS).

More comfortable than conventional beds – The Deluxe and Supreme Zero Gravity models have programmable memory positions as well. That way you can reach that favorite sweet spot with the touch of a single button! Conventional beds will not.

Convenience factor – Zero Gravity Adjustable Bases allow you to sit-up in bed at any incline/angle you want (infinite number of ergonomic rest positions). This makes watching TV, playing video games, reading a newspaper/book, typing on a laptop, having breakfast in bed, nursing the baby, and even jumping in and out of bed a whole lot more convenient compared to a conventional bed.

Independence – Move without disturbing your sleep partner with the split-king option of Zero Gravity Adjustable Bases.

Built-in massage (Some Models) – The Deluxe and Supreme Zero Gravity Adjustable Bases come with a built-in massage feature.

Lumbar Support (Supreme Zero Gravity Adjustable Base): The Supreme Zero Gravity Adjustable Base has something known as Lumbar support. As the name suggests, this Zero adjustable base has a separate adjustment to support your lumbar area.

Choose Zero Gravity Adjustable Bases and choose Better Sleep!