Deluxe Zero Gravity Base

The Next Level of Relaxation

Welcome to comfort 2.0! This Zero Gravity Base is taking you to the Next Level of Relaxation. So plug this bad boy in, grab your remote, and get ready for more options to maximize your comfort!

First off you will notice we have more buttons. GREAT! This means more possibilities to fine tune the perfect settings. There are different presets, LIFT the Head/Foot at the same time (THE SAME TIME), Memory Buttons, Under Bed Light, Remote Flashlight, and MASSAGE! We know, this is pretty AWESOME…GREAT CHOICE!

So at the top of the remote you have TV, LOUNGE, and ZG (Zero Gravity) buttons. Those are some preset configurations that are like a quick pick to Comfortland. TV gets your head up more to binge watch some shows, catch the news, or watch that cartoon with the kiddos for the 1000th time. LOUNGE is like a Chaise Lounge position, you know for just hanging out and/or reading. ZG (Zero Gravity) is what we strive for, getting you to that weightless position. Also helps you get in and out of bed easier and with SNORING!

What about those M1 and M2 buttons? Glad you asked! We know that some of the presets can be fine tuned for your MAXIMUM COMFORT, so we gave you two Memory features to set those with. We LOVE that you chose to sleep better so we rewarded you with additional ONE button comfort selections.

Here at Zero Gravity we know The Struggle is Real. Yup, it never fails. You get  comfortable in your perfectly adjusted sleep system and….POOF! Where is my phone/comic book/lap top/Mr. Wiggles?! Well not only does the Deluxe Zero Gravity Base have a built in Flash Light on the remote, we also have a One touch UNDER BED LED light on/off button. That way you don’t have to wake up your partner with the overhead lights while you are collecting those last minute things before you get back to bed. SWEET!

WAIT…We haven’t even mentioned the MASSAGE feature yet! STRESSED out?! Well, why don’t you grab your remote and get a massage in the comfort of your own room! Start by hitting the FOOT/wavy line button (press it until you get the desired intensity). Next Press the HEAD/wavy line button and get your upper half feeling righteous. The MODE/wavy  button will change the massage modes. Cycle through 5 intensities of massage bliss.  The TIMER/ALL OFF button will select a 10, 20 or 30 minute setting. Pressing a FOURTH time will turn OFF the massage.

There is a quick guide to your new Deluxe Zero Gravity Base. Have fun and get comfortable already!